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(Newswire.net -- November 14, 2015) -- A new website designed to help the general public find a chiropractic office in Washington State is now live on the Web.

The Chiropractor Review website has launched with the intent of providing advice, tips, and information about chiropractic offices around the state. The site hopes to help prospective patients locate a good local office in any of the cities in the state.

The website's editor, Sam DeMars, said that her new site is set up in a way for visitors to browse local chiropractors in any of the larger Washington cities.

"We put this website together as a way to help someone who is considering going to a chiropractor, but doesn't really know where to go," stated DeMars, "Most people have never gone to a chiropractor before, so they are somewhat lost when it comes to deciding upon which one to call first."

"We believe that most experienced chiropractors are good at what they do," continued DeMars, “But they are, after all, human, so some will be better at what they do than others. For example, some will be better at diagnosing or treating than others will. Some will have a better table-side manner than others. Some will have a friendlier office than others will. Some of it is objective, but much of it is subjective as well."

"Deciding which medical-related office to visit, whether it's a doctor, dentist, physical therapist or chiropractor, can be challenging. People know that it's a pretty big decision, so they sometimes hesitate and can't quite decide which one to pick," she said, "We understand their concerns and try to narrow down their choices somewhat so that their decision is that much easier to make."

While the website name has the word "reviews" in it, DeMars stated that there will be no actual patient reviews printed on the website.

"While the website does solicit patient reviews about their experience with a chiropractic office, we don't simply publish those reviews straight onto our pages," DeMars said, "We don't want to get into the business of having to vet all of our contributors and authenticating and verifying their comments to make sure that they're true. We will use those comments, however, to help build our short lists of local doctors that are the best-reviewed."

"We are not going to come out and say that Doctor X is the best doctor in town," concluded DeMars, "And by excluding someone from our site, it doesn't mean they are not a good, capable doctor either, we’re just trying to come up with a shorter list to help our site visitors make an easier choice."

DeMars mentioned that their site is still new and in the development phase, so it may be a while until each city has a robust list of local doctors and offices.

About Chiropractor Review
ChiropractorReview.com is a new online tool that is designed to help individuals find chiropractic offices in their area of Washington State. For details, you can visit http://www.chiropractorreview.com.

Additional information about Everett chiropractors and offices can be found here.

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